PiKys 1st PLOG / by Pikahsso Poe

Today is Monday October 28th 2013 @ 8:46pm and I'm just documenting my 1st BLOG on the all new PiKaHsSo.com big ups to Marcellus for helping me bring this site back to life. PiKaHsSo.com is like Chucky it always comes back no matter how many times it dies i thank u all for all the support, i thank u all for watching my videos and riding with the American Weirdo straight up.  

Truthfully today was a very surreal day im not gone say why cause im learning to keep my personal business off the internet it gets you in trouble when you do that. But lets just say that today i had a talk that i didnt think i would be happen we will leave it at that.

Im Out This 1st Blogs sucks i just wanted to document the day because this is the 1st day that me & Marcellus added this feature to this site. And please believe when i tell you in the days, months and years to come things gone get very real round here.



8:51 pm